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"Elucidate have an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to their work. That provided us the flexibility and agility to deliver an industry first and leading statistical report."

Gil S.

"Elucidate uses expertise and professional insights to develop an agile product which not only makes all staff at a workplace's lives easier but is user friendly as well as client friendly from an corporate accountability perspective."

Annalize S.
Awards Manager

"The Elucidate team are eager to evolve and try out new ideas. They're never afraid of saying "That's new, let's investigate". This, to me, is the character of a team I'd like to work with."

Liam T.

Full Suite Data Services

From concept to monitoring results, our artificial intelligence developers assist with the entire pipeline.

Strategic Advisory

Elucidate helps you define a data and AI roadmap that will ensure that you gain maximum value from your data.


Your data infrastructure is not ready? We prepare your infrastructure and develop production-grade data pipelines helping you save costs down the line.

Prediction and Monitoring

Our Artificial Intelligence developers implement predictive algorithms and automation as well as maintain it going forward.

OUR Solutions

Solutions across industries.

Elucidate AI leverages data to achieve more in less time at every stage in your business pipeline.
Our top AI developers provide artificial intelligence solutions within these core spaces:


We specialize in data science and finance. Fintech uses technology to enable financial services that would previously be infeasible. AI consultants can help companies in the financial sector to analyse and manage data from multiple sources to provide valuable insights.

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Implement AI to achieve a more dynamic learning system to profile customers, grant more loans and reduce bad debt. The system is able to learn and improve over time leading to a continually improving business.

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Understand your customers better, increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, price your products appropriately and ultimately boost the returns on your marketing investments.

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Call Centre

Perform automatic speech recognition to transcribe, analyse and provide insights to how users are interacting with your business. We tap into the human element and leverage call data to optimize your operations.

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Process Optimization

Elucidate AI dives deep into your operational processes and identifies key areas to optimize. By applying automation to repetitive tasks and intelligent algorithms to your business’s most critical processes, you free up your employees' valuable time so that they can focus on higher level operations.

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