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Huduma Credit - End to End Fintech Implementation
Sep 12, 2023

Huduma Credit - End to End Fintech Implementation

The Problem

Huduma Credit were carrying out all internal processes manually. This made it difficult to

follow due process, ensure all documentation was stored safely and ensure that money is

collected timeously from clients.

Our Solution

◦ Elucidate built an end-to-end back-end solution, automating many processes that were

previously done manually. This included:

◦ Configuration of customer relationship management software – with automated deal

creation, client contact creation, document storage and activity list creation (for due

diligence activities).

◦ Loan origination – repayments, amortization schedules, interest charges, etc. are

captured into the system automatically when loans are entered.

◦ Payment reconciliation – payments are automatically reconciled (and where applicable

allocations are also made automatically – for clients with multiple active loans)

◦ Dashboards – these provide outstanding balances, client statements and all essential

information for front-office to properly track and follow-up with clients. They also

provide automated weekly reports for executives.

◦ Accounting – all loan specific transactions are pushed automatically into the accounting

software (invoices, bank transactions, credit notes - all created without any human


◦ Automated communication – automated messages are sent to clients as reminders for

when payments are due, how much they owe, etc.

◦ Elucidate are now busy designing and building the front-end (a customer facing

application) which should help to further automate and streamline the business.

The Results

• More efficient capturing of client information

• A more rigorous and structured due diligence process

• Comprehensive monitoring of loans and timeous collections