Process Optimization

Elucidate AI dives deep into your operational processes and identifies key areas to optimize. By applying automation to repetitive tasks and intelligent algorithms to your business’s most critical processes, you free up your employees valuable time so that they can focus on higher level operations.

Some key use-cases include:

Process Automation
  • Historically, operational process have been performed manually by human employees, with repetitive tasks often leading to de-motivation and reduced jobsatisfaction. With the advent of modern machine learning, tasks typically reservedfor human operators may be automated via intelligent algorithms and robotic process optimisation. Robotic process optimization is a technology that enables software to carry out rule-based and repetitive tasks. Such automation frees up employees timeso they can focus on higher value, engaging tasks such as analysis and the development of insights, with the added benefit of enhanced job satisfaction.
Outcome Optimization
  • The outcome of one or several processes may be optimized for simultaneously. Thisis facilitated by altering any contributing (potentially automated) processes in amanner that leads to the most favourable outcome. A continuous improvement technique is incorporated to accommodate for the dynamism of your business.Common outcomes that may be optimized include typical business objectives such as profit, sales, retention and market penetration. Businesses that have been doing this manually all along benefit by leveraging modern data science techniques to enable further gains.
  • Furthermore, a system may block a particular user’s request or prevent a user from accessing their account if it detects potentially fraudulent activity.
Case Studies in Optimization
Huduma Credit

Fintech Startup

Huduma Credit is a lending company based in Nairobi. They provide loans to taxi owners through an efficient, automated digital platform.

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Fintech Open Banking Company

Leading Open Banking Startup

Identify salary items in bank transactions using cutting edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques

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Marketing Services Provider

Mobile Marketing Company

Automated data intergation and reporting platform to facilitate real-time reporting across the organization.

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