Understand your customers better, increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, price your products appropriately and ultimately boost the returns on your marketing investments. Elucidate enables companies to know their potential customers better, as well as their competitorsand gain valuable insights about the industry in which they operate.

Some key use-cases include:

Personalizing Customer Experience
  • Through every touch-point of the customer journey, a company can use AI to gather data about customers' behaviours. This rich data allows these companies to create a personalized experience for each customer.
  • Businesses without AI spend a great deal of time and resources collecting this data rather than developing a better experience for customers. If AI gathers the data for you, your team can concentrate on building a powerful strategy that improves customer experience and leads to higher engagement and sales.
Engaging Customers
  • Chatbots leverage AI to create meaningful and informative conversation with current and future customers. They have proven to be an incredible tool for customerengagement. A well-designed chatbot can be leveraged to ensure that companies nolonger have to be concerned about customers dropping off because they are sick ofwaiting in a queue to speak with a sales representative.
  • At any time of the day (or night), a chatbot can guide customers through the marketing funnel and answer their questions. They can even offer personalized suggestions based on customers' buying history.
  • With the integration of chatbots, real-life customer service agents will be able to deal with more complex questions while chatbots offer more basic (scripted) support.This will lead to increased productivity for those agents and allow prospects to experience more fluid service
Increasing conversation rates and return on investment
  • Voice, SMS, email marketing and AI go hand-in-hand. AI can be used to analyze data from company marketing email campaigns and suggest the best dates and times to send messages. AI can further be utilized to automate the sending of messages to individuals - instead of emailing your entire client list, you can select different times for various individuals based on their past engagement, demographics, and buying history. Furthermore, you can personalize emails with AI and use it to recommend products to customers.
Pricing Strategy
  • Companies are using AI algorithms to digest a host of structured and unstructured data from many sources to determine demand and competition, and then set dynamicprocesses for good and services, all in real time.
  • This technology can also use data to determine what a customer is likely willing to pay for a product or service at any given time, and within certain situations. With this insight, AI technology can compare a retailer’s pricing to its competitors to see where they land in comparison.
Content Creation
  • AI plays an important role in informing content strategy. It helps marketing teams pick relevant topics to improve their search engine optimization and perform competitive research.
  • AI for marketing also extends to content creation. Natural Language Processing (an AI technology) can be used to create content ranging from articles and white papers to social media posts. Companies can also use this technology to create a higher volume of content at a lower cost, generate product descriptions, and customize landing pages.
Case Studies in Marketing
Marketing Services Provider

Mobile Marketing Company

Automated data intergation and reporting platform to facilitate real-time reporting across the organization.

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Lead Generation Company

Major Lead Generation Company

Created a decision-making system to evaluate the likelihood of a scheduled marketing message generating a lead, and hence determine whether the message should be sent - all in real-time.

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