Is pricing an art at your company? We prefer science.

Pricing Strategy

Charge your customers competitive rates and optimise your pricing to maximise profit

We monitor your competitors' pricing and market conditions in real-time to give you optimal pricing recommendations. Our algorithms are designed to maximise long-term profits by optimising pricing across customer segments, channels and product lines.

Discounts Should Drive Sales Not Cut Margins

The aim of a discount is to drive sales. Therefore, giving out discounts blindly to everybody will result in you leaving money on the table? A more selective approach where discounts are only given to customers that would not buy otherwise makes more sense and Rands. Uber, Groupon and airlines across the world implement pricing optimisation to their competitive position

"The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power." Warren Buffett



Successfully extend 17% more advances
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Cut number of applications requiring manual review by over 50%
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