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Automating data pipelines for accurate, real-time reporting

Marketing Services Provider
South Africa

The client is a marketing services and technology provider in the mobile networks space. They provide daily, weekly, monthly reports to various stakeholders in order to optimise marketing and business decisions.

The Problem

• Client receives live billing, spend and subscriber data from a large number of affiliates.

Furthermore, the client provides daily, weekly and monthly reports to various internal and

external executive and operational teams.

• The client was spending tens of man-hours each day manually sifting through data and creating

their required reporting.

Our Solution

Elucidate ideated, engineered and implemented a data pipeline which fully automates the

flow from raw data to end-user reporting. Furthermore, live interactive dashboards have

been created for internal teams which guides strategic marketing decisioning. Additional

customized dashboards have been provided to each affiliate to assist them with their own

strategic decisioning.

The Results

1. Reduce required man-hours by 80%

2. Improved the company’s (and affiliates’) ability to make informed strategic decisions

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