Better profiling for Airvantage gave the company it’s best advantage.
Project Summary
Optimized airtime advance system to make real-time, fully-automated lending decisions. The machine learning based system successfully extends loans to more customers and reduces bad debt.
Project Details




Micro Lender

The Challenge

Many people don’t need large loans – and for an international micro-lender that operates across three continents and grants over 1-million loans per day.

Airvantage has a highly defined rule-based system that has been developed by its experienced credit team.

Airvantage tasked Elucidate with a better way to profile customers and lower bad debt.

Our Solution

To make sure they hadn’t missed any advantages, we looked deeply into their process and explored areas of improvement which resulted in the development of an advanced, high-performance machine learning system that improved the speed and accuracy of credit decisions on billions of transactions – a learning system that informed each credit decision in real time.


Less than 0.3 seconds response time for credit decisions
Successfully extend 17% more advances
Reduced bad debt by 19%

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